About us

TMT-Mutti snc is a small enterprise specialised in metal sheet cutting and forming. TMT manufactures both standard products and contract manufacturing products against Customer drawings.

TMT can provide as additional service :

  • Wire welding with swivel positioner (360 °)
  • Projection welding with single or coupled spot welders (100kW) with electronic control of the welding parameters
  • Galvanizing according to customer specification
  • Plastic coatings

We are able to take over Customers’ problem and develop the appropriate solution (design, production equipment manufacture, product manufacture, etc.) also with the cooperation of qualified external partners.

Workshop machinery

Our workshop is equipped with six presses.

All our machinery are featured with electronic controls.

For maintenance of the machinery we have got an internal machine shop and when it is necessary we get the support of our external skilled partners.


  • steel sheet
  • stainless steel sheet
  • aluminium sheet